Monday, November 29, 2010

Corrigan Brothers and Shay Healy New Album "The State of the Nation"

November 30th- A studio Ireland

  Eurovision Winner Shay Healy and President Obama's great Irish Friends  the Corrigan Brothers are rush releasing a new album called "The State of the Nation". With Tracks including "If Finn McCool came back" (a Healy composition that has a special verse about Bertie and his cupboard antics) and "Leo Varaadker-I Just Love him" (which will feature Anglican Canon of Cloughjordan Stephen Neill as Leo) this album will be pitched at the post budget and general election January Market.

Ger Corrigan of the Corrigan Brothers told Begorrah Begorrah, "Shay had been putting a few topical songs together so we decided to make an album. There has never been more material available". Other songs to feature will be "Joan Burton puts me to Sleep" and "the day that Ajai Chopra met Jackie Healy Rae" while "Anglo's 400,000 Golf Balls" tells the story of the only remaining assets of the bank.

Healy and Corrigan Brothers will launch the album at the gates of Leinster house and will invite popular Offally accordianist Brian Cowen to play along for the Launch.

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