Sunday, November 21, 2010

Irish Cosmetic Surgery business in Meltdown

Dublin Nov 21st- Top breast enlarger Doctor Stelios Mammararious told Ireland's top cosmetic surgery magazine "Boob Job" that Cosmetic Surgeons can not afford to continue. "The bottom has fallen out of this market and anyone who keeps abreast of economic matters can see why" a distraught Stelios revealed this weekend. "I've had to let my botox team go and my breast enlargement team haven't worked since September". Stelious told Boob Job that despite his various marketing plans, including an industry first, the "one boob implant  now and one next year at 50% off"  customers remain disinterested. Stelios, a former builders labourer became the first graduate of the Fas cosmetic surgery certificate programme in 2008 after failing to secure a place in the Fas space programme after it was discovered he had an allergy to Champagne.


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