Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roy Keane claims "Chopra can save Ireland"

A Field near Ipswich- November 20th-  Football Legend Roy Keane has issued a statement by text to the people of Ireland telling them that Chopra is the man to save them. " I signed Chops at Sunderland and he did a great job for us, he wasn't just a striker, he was a box to box workhorse with an engine almost as big as my own. No job is too big for Chops and he'll do a great job up front with Lenihan and Cowen. He will combine brilliantly with the Finnish lad Olli Rehn. They are both winners like me. Ireland needs to be a bit more like me and take no sh%t from no langers."

Commenting on the Roy Keane statement John Delaney of the FAI said "Roy's statement shows his intellegence".

Commenting on Delaney's statement Roy said "tell that langer to stop commenting on my statements".

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