Wednesday, November 17, 2010

EU insist Saint Patrick's Day 2011 to be cancelled

EU culture minister Jacques De Boer last night issued an Ultimatum to Ireland. Cancel the expensive Saint Patrick's Day Celebrations or risk losing European Central Bank support. In a statement from his office in Brussels Mr De Boer said "there is no point giving all those paddies money if they are going to piss it up against a wall". Mr De Boer went on to claim that the Irish have an ecomomic crisis becasue they drank their way through the Celtic Tiger. Irelands largest Shamrock Farmer Fonsie "the weed" Mclure said "this will destroy us, I have 500 acres under Shamrock, what am I supposed to do with it". Mr De Boer offer hope to Irish Shamrock Farmers by considering the possibility of giving free edible shamrock to the needy.

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