Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Green Party Leader Gormley goes nuts in Irish Parlaiment

the Dail- Dublin

  Friend of the Breeding Bitch and lover of nature Green Party supremo Mr John Gormley went nuts in the Irish Parliament (aka the DaiI) yesterday. He arrived into the chamber wearing a bearskin and shoes made from recycled dock leaves and took his position to speak. An emotional Mr Gormley spoke about his sleepless nights worrying about the world and then broke into the Michael Jackson classic "Earth Song". Staying in tune Mr Gormley with arms extended revealing a worrying amount of arm pit hair burst into

"Look what we've done to the the world
What have we done
ahh ahh  ahhhh ahhhh ahh ahh"

Party Colleague Trevor Sargeant managed to administer an organic tranquiliser dart rendering Gormley motionless and minister for health Mary Harney carried him out of the chamber on her shoulder.

Anto "me father and his father before him were Dail Porters" Kelly, the Dail Porter on duty told anyone who would listen to him "dat bleedin Gormley is fookin nuts, he told me dat michael jackson is living inside of him".

The Green Party issued a statement through Paul Gogarty's daughter, " Oook urb la la gooey ook". Brian Cowen welcomed the statement greeting it as "one of the more sensible of the green party's recent announcements".

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