Friday, November 26, 2010

Uproar as Late Late Toy Show Fails to feature Inner City Dublin Sterotype

Dublin- Nov 27th-  Ireland's National Broadcaster RTE were flooded with calls after the it's annual Late Late Toy Show neglected to feature the standard cheeky inner city kid. Molly "3 lighters for a Euro" Skelly one of Moore Street's best know traders expressed her disgust on Twitter. "It's bleedin not good enough, we wanted our share of representation. We had to put up with hours of gobshite kids and 5 year old who talk like Investment bankers and boggers bullshittin about tractors. All we wanted was a little gurrier to give Ryan Tubby a bit of cheek, Janowhaimeen!"

A Late Late Show insider admitted that they had got it wrong. "We were so top heavy with gobshite kids we just forgot to get a good Dublin gurrier kid. Still all the cameras are accounted for and none of the cars in the car park were broken into".

Anto "Rare Ould Times" McNaughton of the Fatima Mansions 4ever group said " they put a young lad dressed like Gok on who designs his own t-shirts and wants to feature in Paris fashion week-could they not have balanced it with a small Dublin gurrier whose ambition is to import counterfeit fags".

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