Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eamon Dunphy "I love the Poor"

A nightclub Dublin- November 20th- Former Manchester Utd A team Legend Eamon Dunphy has again revealed his love of the poor. In a candid interview with Irish Magazine "Women's Problems" Dunphy opens his heart about the less well off in our society. "The poor give me a boner, they arouse me, their simple dignity, their acceptance of their lot, their reluctance to embrace designer labels," Recalling his childhood a tearful Dunphy spoke about his constant foraging for food "I remember being so hungry I ate my grandmothers shoe". Weeping Eamon went on to tell how he often boiled turf in condensed milk to create a peat based porridge.

Dunphy admitted his regret at becoming a multi million euro successful author, "Ever since I became loaded it has detached me from the poor and I miss them".

Eamon has recently taken a year out to lobby the Vatican for the canonisation of John Giles a man he claims has "performed miracles on the football pitch".  Dunphy is confident of success "Benny Ratzinger is a football man first and a Pope second, he captained the Hitler Youth first 11 who successfully defeated the SS in the all Nazi games of the same year. Saint Gilsey, sounds great,doesn't it?"

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