Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jackie Healy Rae meets Ajai Chopra

Kerry-a Pub-November 28th- Popular South Kerry politician and publican Jackie Healy Rae welcomed IMF enforcer Ajai Chopra to his home place yesterday. Mr Healy Rae showed the IMF man the infrastructural miracle that is South Kerry. Mr Chopra marvelled at the Motorways and Marinas and was stunned to see two public swimming pools in a village of less than seventy people. Chopra was amazed when he said "Mr Healy Rae has achieved so much here and has how you say, held the Government by the bollox, there has been more money spent in South Kerry than in the whole of Luxembourg".
Mr Healy Rae was delighted to host the visit "Yearrah oul Chopra isn't the worsht of them, you have to man mark him, I tould him I'd back him all the way if he lavyes Shouth Kerry alone".
 Surrounded by his seventeen sons all of whom hold council seats in the Kingdom Mr Healy Rae presented Chopra with a copy of "The Field" by John B Keane "have a good read of that now me boyo, look out for the moral of that shtory" said a self satisfied Healy Rae.
Mr Chopra expressed his delight at receiving such an austere and cultural gift, "Mr Jackie is not one for needlessly spending taxpayers money for his own ends".

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